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The audience of «The Great Modernists» will see the works of ten most notable masters of modernism – Paul Gauguin, Henri Rousseau, Van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustav Klimt, Paul Signac, Edvard Munch, Amedeo Modigliani, Vasily Kandinsky and Kasimir Malevich. There will be around 1000 works from over 20 museums of the World exhibited. The exhibition located in the Big Exhibition Hall and in ½ of the Central Exhibition Hall covers an area of 2000 m2 . The gross area of the multimedia screens is 1000 m2.

«THE GREAT MODERNISTS» multimedia show is a journey to the World of art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries when the culture and society were going through a real revolution. Every year new inventions were brought to the daily life – gramophones, movie theaters, typewriters, electricity, airplanes, telephones, X-ray. At the same time with the Industrial Revolution the World was shocked with political overthrows and wars. In that time the new artistic movements like expressionism, abstract art, surrealism, suprematism and other emerged. They were later united under a term “modernism”.

During that time the connections between the reality and what’s painted on the canvas start to fade – from copying the environment the painters come to creating their own Worlds. This way the works of Paul Gauguin full of primitive mysteries that impress with their colorfulness and cheerfulness are not the depictions of the tropical island’s real life. These works are reflections of the master’s inner attitude, they are his dream interwoven with the myths of the peoples of Oceania. Gustav Klimt’s female images full of erotism fade in the decorative splendor. Vasily Kandinsky reveals the power to evoke free associations through schematism. Kazimir Malevich – the ideologist of suprematism claimed that only objectless pictures are the act of «pure art» which made the the artistic power of a human equal to power of Nature.

The exhibition will be a serious educational platform – in a special Anteroom before visiting the exhibition viewers will be able to immerse themselves into the context of the era, and to understand the artists’ logic which led them from the realistic depiction of reality to the “Black Square”.

In «The Great Modernists» exhibition pictures are being projected on the huge screens changing from one to another, coming to life and moving in the rhythm of music and capturing the viewer into the flood of colors and sounds. This is an original and holistic work of art. You will see 9 short films mainly devoted to the art of each master. Moving around seven-meter large screens placed at different angles where the pictures of the geniuses of modernism become alive you will feel like you get into the World created by each master.

The paintings of modernists often contain secrets for our eyes making us wander around it and they open the source of sence in the places where the tradition only sees chaos and nonsense. The paintigs easily get their new lives with the help of digital technologies because a hundred years ago the art of modernists was the first glimpse of the technological future.

Yasha Yavorskaya curator –

Natalia Rubina press-secretary –